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Welcome to the Berryville High School Advisory Page. Information about Advisory as well as upcoming community service opportunities can be found on this page.

Students enrolled in Advisory MUST complete 20 hours of approved community service each semester. Failure to complete 20 hours of approved community service will result in a failing grade for the semester. Students earning more than 75 hours of approved community service will recieve a community service credit on their official high school transcript.

Approved Facilities

Carroll County Learning Center-Berryville (must be 18 or older to complete hours at this site)

Cooperative Extension Service-Berryville

4-H US Copperative Extension Service-Berryville

Food Bank of the Ozarks-Berryville

The Merlin Foundation-Berryville

Berryville Community Center

Berryville Senior Center & Thirft Store

Berryville School District

Autumn Hill-Berryville

Good Shepard Humane Society and Thrift Store

Students must see Ms. Edwards before completing community service hours to obtain approval and complete a preparation form in order for the hours to count for advisory. For example, if the community service event is to be completed on a Saturday or Sunday, the form must be turned in on the Friday before the service event.

Students must sign out in the high school office, sign in the office of the other school, sign out from the other school, and back in the high school office. Students traveling to the elementary and intermediate schools have 7 minutes. Tardies to classes will not be tolerated.

Community Service Opportunities Students are responsible for locating and engaging in community service events on their own time. Mrs. Atkinson will post any events she is aware of and will make announcements; however, it is the students full responsibility to seek community service at the approved facilities and should not wait for school sponsored events as their only source of community service.

Berryville Senior Center They need help at the Thrift Stores on Saturdays from 10-4. Please call Carla at 423-3265 the Friday before to schedule volunteer hours.

Berryville Senior Center They need help with activities with seniors. Open Mon-Wed 10-4. Please call Carla at 423-3265 to arrange a time to come in and help.

Loaves and Fishes They are open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10-2; Tuesday they are open from 4-6. For more information, please visit their website