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If you are considering the military, please sign up with the counselors to take the ASVAB. In the 2019-20 school year, the ASVAB will be offered two times; once in the fall and once in the springs. Dates TBD.

If you would like more information about the different branches of military, most of the recruiters will be on campus throughout the year. If you would like to speak with them individually, contact information has been listed for your convenience.

Army National Guard

Contact: Anthony Guadagnini, SSG      Work Phone: 501-212-7798      Cell Phone: 870-280-9789       Email:

United States Air Force

Contact: Randal B. Landers, Technical Sargeant     Work Phone:  479-443-5225   Cell Phone: 479-301-5459     Email:

United States Army

Contact:  Christopher Carter, SS    Work Phone:  870-741-6257     Cell Phone: 479-685-6116     Email:

United States Coast Guard

Contact:  either the Dallas or Okla. City offices (both serve Arkansas)

Oklahoma Contact: Zach Appler 405-570-3514

Dallas Office Phone:  972-255-0165

Dallas Email:

Okla. City Office Phone:  405-231-4483

Okla. City Email:

United States Marine Corps

Contact:  Warren Newell, SGT     Work Phone:  870-741-9491         Cell Phone: 479-236-0180        Email:

United States Navy

Contact: Robert Konrad, NCC, Chief Petty Officer     Work Phone:  615-332-0926 ext 247      Email: